Three Methods for Handling Temperature Rise of Power Compensation Capacitors

During the operation of capacitors, abnormal temperature rise may occur due to various factors. Abnormal temperature rise of power compensation capacitors not only affects the effectiveness of reactive power compensation, but also may lead to capacitor failure and damage. So how to deal with the problem of abnormal temperature rise of power compensation capacitors has become a difficult problem that enterprises must face.


Wiring Method and Filtering of Power Capacitor Capacitor Bank Reactors

The wiring of capacitors is usually divided into two ways: triangular and star. In addition, there is a distinction between double triangles and double stars.    Triangle connected capacitors directly bear the voltage between the lines. When any capacitor is broken down due to a fault, a two-phase short circuit is formed, and the fault current is large. If the fault cannot be quickly removed, the fault current and arc will cause the insulation medium to decompose and produce gas, causing the fuel tank to explode and affecting adjacent capacitors. Therefore, this type of wiring is rarely used in 10kV systems, only a small amount is used in 380V distribution systems.


Power Capacitors - Development Trend of High Voltage Electrical Appliances in China

1. Combination and complete sets of electrical appliances have emerged to meet the needs of small size, small footprint, high performance, and high reliability. In addition to switchgear, FC cabinets, and multi-layer cabinets, various combinations such as load switch fuse combination capacitors, high-voltage contactors fuse combination appliances (used for FC cabinets), load switches, drop fuses, and lightning arrester combinations, as well as lightning arresters


What are the accurate discharge methods for power capacitors

Using a 20000 ohm, 2 watt resistor, this type of wiring component can be purchased in most electronic product markets at a very affordable price. Connect the probe of the resistor to the terminal of the capacitor to discharge the capacitor.


Power Capacitors - Application of Power Capacitors

When applying power capacitors, appropriate protective measures should be taken to ensure their use. During operation, the current and voltage corresponding to different conditions are different.


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