What are the accurate discharge methods for power capacitors

Method 1:
First, unplug the electrical power supply.
Using a 20000 ohm, 2 watt resistor, this type of wiring component can be purchased in most electronic product markets at a very affordable price.
Connect the probe of the resistor to the terminal of the capacitor to discharge the capacitor.
If the capacitor has three terminals, please connect the resistor to one of the outer and middle terminals, and then connect to the remaining outer and middle terminals.    
Method 2:
Connect one end of the resistor to a probe and the other end to a crocodile clip, and wrap it with insulating tape for discussion.
Clamp the crocodile clip onto the ground wire and connect the lead to the other pole of the capacitor, so that there will be no sparks during the sample discharge.
It is important to note that if a large number of capacitors are continuously discharged, the resistance will overheat, and a higher wattage can be chosen.
Other methods: (capacitors)
Lamp discharge, method 2 is similar to a 100-200 watt lamp.
Discharge with a 60-80W soldering iron using a similar method.
Insulation and grounding discharge.
Non professionals are not allowed to test without authorization.