Power Capacitors - Application of Power Capacitors

When applying power capacitors, appropriate protective measures should be taken to ensure their use.
During operation, the current and voltage corresponding to different conditions are different.
If the voltage of the capacitor increases frequently and for a long time, it is important to note that the current increase should not exceed 1.3 times the rated current to avoid accidents over time.
In daily life, the operation of capacitors should be checked frequently. If any of the following conditions are found, their operation should be stopped.
Inside the capacitor:
1. I feel very stuffy, not ventilated, and the temperature is too high.
2. Cracks were found on the casing, and there were signs of discharge in a disorderly manner.
3. Abnormal sound heard.
Outside the capacitor:
1. It is found that the appearance is deformed and there are phenomena such as swelling.
2. There is an appearance of oil leakage on the ground or outside the capacitor.
3. Abnormal connection between the shell and the ground.