Three Methods for Handling Temperature Rise of Power Compensation Capacitors

During the operation of capacitors, abnormal temperature rise may occur due to various factors. Abnormal temperature rise of power compensation capacitors not only affects the effectiveness of reactive power compensation, but also may lead to capacitor failure and damage. So how to deal with the problem of abnormal temperature rise of power compensation capacitors has become a difficult problem that enterprises must face.


Wiring Method and Filtering of Power Capacitor Capacitor Bank Reactors

The wiring of capacitors is usually divided into two ways: triangular and star. In addition, there is a distinction between double triangles and double stars.    Triangle connected capacitors directly bear the voltage between the lines. When any capacitor is broken down due to a fault, a two-phase short circuit is formed, and the fault current is large. If the fault cannot be quickly removed, the fault current and arc will cause the insulation medium to decompose and produce gas, causing the fuel tank to explode and affecting adjacent capacitors. Therefore, this type of wiring is rarely used in 10kV systems, only a small amount is used in 380V distribution systems.


Power Capacitors - Development Trend of High Voltage Electrical Appliances in China

1. Combination and complete sets of electrical appliances have emerged to meet the needs of small size, small footprint, high performance, and high reliability. In addition to switchgear, FC cabinets, and multi-layer cabinets, various combinations such as load switch fuse combination capacitors, high-voltage contactors fuse combination appliances (used for FC cabinets), load switches, drop fuses, and lightning arrester combinations, as well as lightning arresters


What are the accurate discharge methods for power capacitors

Using a 20000 ohm, 2 watt resistor, this type of wiring component can be purchased in most electronic product markets at a very affordable price. Connect the probe of the resistor to the terminal of the capacitor to discharge the capacitor.


Power Capacitors - Application of Power Capacitors

When applying power capacitors, appropriate protective measures should be taken to ensure their use. During operation, the current and voltage corresponding to different conditions are different.


The company was awarded the "Top 10 Capacitor Brands" of China Electric Power in 2020

The company was awarded the "Top 10 Capacitor Brands" of China Electric Power in 2020 The results of the 2020 China Power Electrical "Top 10 Capacitor Brands" selection, hosted by Electric Tiger Network, have been officially announced. After more than half a month of intense competition and over a million participants, Shaoxing Shangyu Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Top 10 Capacitor Brands" of China Power Electrical in 2020 due to its strong comprehensive strength, market scale, and brand influence. News media such as NetEase News, Huicong Business, Sina, Zhonghua News, China Electric Power Network, China Energy Network, China Industrial Network, Sohu, China Electric Power and Electrician Network, and Today's Headlines reported.


The company won the bid for the State Grid Corporation of China project

According to the announcement of State Grid Corporation of China on December 30, 2020, our company won two packages with a winning amount of 27.02 million yuan in the second bidding and procurement of 35~220 kV equipment agreement inventory for the power transmission and transformation project of State Grid Corporation of China in 2020, relying on high-quality product quality, perfect after-sales service, and reasonable quotation. At this point, our company won three packages in the second bidding of State Grid Corporation of China in 2020, with a winning amount of 39 million yuan. The winning project units include Hunan Electric Power Company, Henan Electric Power Company, Anhui Electric Power Company, Shanxi Electric Power Company, Shaanxi Electric Power Company, etc.


The company was awarded the honorary title of "Top 10 Capacitor Brands" in 2021

Recently, our company participated in the 2021 "Top Ten Brands" selection campaign in the Chinese power and electrical industry and was awarded the title of "Top Ten Brands of Capacitors". The "Top Ten Brands" series selection activities are hosted by the domestic leading power energy B2B platform -, which has been held for six consecutive years. They have great influence in the industry, spread widely and have far-reaching influence, and are highly recognized by the industry. They are known as the "Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award Award" in China's power and electrical industry. Nearly a hundred powerful capacitor production enterprises participated in this selection activity, and Shaoxing Shangyu Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. was ultimately awarded the "Top 10 Capacitor Brands" in China's power and electrical industry in 2021 due to its innovative production process, strong brand promotion, and high popularity support. Today's Headlines, Business, China Electric Power Network, NetEase News, China Energy Network, China Industrial Network,, China News Network, Sohu, China Electric Power Network, and others have successively reported.


The company won the "Leading Enterprise Award for Capacitors" in 2021

The "China Electric Power Industry Annual Award", jointly initiated by the industry selection ranking platform (Huping) under the Electric Tiger Network, industry associations, and authoritative media, is jointly launched by multiple authoritative media and industry associations at all levels, striving to select the annual enterprise that guides the industry's direction. The selection of the 2021 "China Power Industry Annual Award" has come to a successful conclusion. Our company has closely followed the development of the times, adhered to technological innovation, and adhered to the concept of "high-tech" and "high-quality" peers. Adhering to the concept of "precision work, customer satisfaction", we have continued to settle and have developed into a high-quality supplier of power capacitors and reactive power compensation devices. Won the honorary title of "Capacitor Leading Enterprise Award" in China's power industry in 2021 with strong corporate strength and brand influence!


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