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Dry-type iron core series reactor

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1. Product use
Dry-type iron core series reactors are suitable for 6, 10, 20, 35kV power systems, and are used to suppress the distortion of the grid voltage waveform, thereby improving the quality of the grid and ensuring the safe operation of the power system; suppressing the harmonic current flowing through the capacitor bank And limit the closing inrush current, so as to protect the capacitor and make it operate safely and reliably.

2. Product function
It is connected in series with the parallel capacitor to form a reactive power compensation device, which has the following functions:
1. Limit or even eliminate the amplification effect of the power capacitor bank on system harmonics when no series reactor is installed.
2. Reduce the closing inrush current and inrush current frequency of the capacitor bank, and it is easy to select loop equipment and protective capacitors.
3. Reduce the voltage value of this sub-harmonic on the bus to improve the quality of power supply.
4. Limit the current higher than this harmonic to flow into the capacitor bank, suppress higher harmonics and protect the capacitor.
5. Reduce the discharge current of the healthy capacitor bank to the faulty capacitor bank to protect the capacitor.
6. Reduce the inrush current multiple and frequency during the heavy breakdown of the capacitor bank circuit breaker opening arc to facilitate the arc extinguishing at the fracture and reduce the operating overvoltage amplitude.

3. Use environmental conditions
1. Use location: indoors, the surrounding environment should have good ventilation conditions, if installed in a cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.
2. Ambient temperature: -25~+45℃. ,,,,,,,, ...
3. Relative humidity: the monthly average does not exceed 90%, and the daily average does not exceed 95%.
4. Altitude: not more than 1000m (please specify when ordering).
5. Earthquake resistance: it can withstand an earthquake with an intensity of 8 degrees.
6. The installation and operation area should be free of harmful gas, steam, conductive or explosive dust.
(If there are special requirements, please indicate when ordering.)

4, implementation standards
1. GB/T1094.6-2011 "Power Transformer Part 6: Reactor"
2. JB5346-2014 "Series Reactor for High Voltage Shunt Capacitors"
3. IEC280-1987 "Reactor Standard"
4. DL462-92 "Technical Conditions for Ordering Series Reactor for High Voltage Shunt Capacitors"

5. Product structure
1. The reactor core is made of high-quality silicon steel sheet, and the core column is divided into even small sections by multiple air gaps. The air gap is insulated by epoxy cloth board to ensure that the air gap does not change under long-term operation of the reactor.
2. The end face of the reactor core adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet end face glue, which makes the silicon steel sheet firmly bonded together, which greatly reduces the noise during operation and has good anti-corrosion ability.
3. The coil is of epoxy casting type, the coil is reinforced with epoxy glass mesh cloth, and the H-grade epoxy casting system is used for casting under vacuum. The coil has good insulation performance and high mechanical strength, which can withstand High current impact and thermal shock without cracking.
4. Epoxy cast coil does not absorb water, has low partial discharge, and can operate safely under harsh environmental conditions.
5. Epoxy pads and silicone rubber anti-vibration pads are used at the upper and lower ends of the coil to effectively reduce the vibration of the coil during operation
6. Dry-type iron core reactors are smaller in volume than traditional oil-immersed reactors and air-core reactors, and have the characteristics of light weight, small space, simple structure, and convenient installation.

6. Technical parameters
1. It can be used in 6kV, 10kV, 20kV, 35kV power systems.
2. The types of reactance rate are 1%, 4.5%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 12%, 13%, etc.
3. Insulation class: Class F or Class H. During normal operation, the temperature rise of the iron core of the dry-type iron core reactor is not more than 85K, and the temperature rise of the coil is not more than 95K.
4. Dry-type iron core reactors can operate for a long time at 1.35 times the rated current.
5. The noise of dry-type iron core reactor is not greater than the fixed value specified by national standards.
6. The withstand voltage level of dry-type iron core reactors meets the requirements of JB5346-2014 "Series Reactor for High Voltage Shunt Capacitors".
7. The matching capacitor capacity is 1kvar-20000kvar.

7. Model description


8. Wiring method


The company's product quality is guaranteed, reliable in use, CKSK dry-type hollow series reactor and capacitor device are well matched, the price is favorable, and the service is thoughtful. We warmly welcome users from inside and outside the province to call or write to the company.

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