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Intelligent reactive power factor controller

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Intelligent reactive power factor controller SWZK-1

1. Product introduction:
SWZK-I is a dedicated controller for high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation devices. It is suitable for column-mounted high-voltage reactive power compensation devices and substation reactive power compensation devices. It provides the necessary control functions for automatic switching and protection of reactive power compensation capacitors. 

2. Main functions:
☆Provide switching and protection control of two groups of capacitors;
☆Adaptive power grid phase sequence and CT phase (AB phase voltage, C phase current);
☆Real-time monitoring of the voltage and current of the transmission line, calculation of the reactive power and power factor of the line;
☆Provide a variety of capacitor switching strategies. Capacitors can be switched according to time period, voltage, reactive power, power factor and their combination strategies;
☆Monitor the current of the capacitor bank, provide capacitor overcurrent delay protection and overcurrent protection;
☆Provide over-voltage, under-voltage and phase loss protection for transmission lines;
☆Provide execution switch (vacuum contactor) refusal protection;
☆Online monitoring of the harmonics THDv of the grid voltage, and provide harmonic protection;
☆Provide manual operation input, support external buttons, and have basic protection provided by the controller;
☆High-brightness LED digital tube and Chinese LCD dual display, the display content is intuitive;
☆Statistical operation records, hourly records, detailed SOE records;
☆Provide RS232/RS485 communication interface, which can communicate in wired mode or connect to wireless module for wireless communication.
☆Provide upper PC software, communicate with the controller through communication, download data, upload settings, and remote control operation;

3. Model definition

4. Product size
The appearance of SWZK-I is shown in Figure 1. Volume: 155 length × 110 width × 110 height, unit mm. Standard 35mm rail installation. It can also be installed with screws, the opening spacing is 144×100mm, and M4 screws.

SWZK-I 外观尺寸

5. Wiring terminal

SWZ-I 接线端子排列


Intelligent reactive power factor controller SWZK-2

1. Product introduction
SWZK-II high-voltage reactive power automatic control device is a special control device for reactive power compensation equipment of high-voltage parallel power capacitors. It is suitable for switching and protection control of capacitor banks with voltage levels of 6kV, 10kV, and 35kV, so that the voltage quality of the busbar is Reactive power balance reaches the best state.
The device continuously monitors the voltage and current signals of the bus, calculates the reactive power demand in real time, and switches the capacitor bank according to the set control strategy.
SWZK-II can control up to two sections of bus and six capacitor branches.

2. Main functions
1 Real-time measurement of bus voltage and current; calculation of reactive power and power factors of the corresponding bus;
2 Monitor the harmonic distortion rate of bus voltage;
3 Automatically switch the capacitor bank according to the set control strategy.
4 It can adapt to the operation mode of substation;
5 Control strategies and parameters can be set;
6Provide over-voltage, under-voltage protection, actuator rejection and lockout protection;
7Provide the open triangle uneven voltage protection of the grouping capacitor;
8Using a 4.3-inch high-contrast touch-sensitive LCD display with Chinese operation interface;

3. Appearance and installation dimensions


Cut-out size for panel installation

Panel mounting hole size


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Shangyu Power Capacitor is a manufacturing company specialized in reactive power compensation and improving the power factor of the power grid.

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