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Automatic switching reactive power compensation complete set

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1 Overview
The TBBZ automatic switching high-voltage shunt capacitor complete set (hereinafter referred to as the "device") is another main product of the company following the TBB high-voltage shunt capacitor complete set. It is a static reactive power compensation device with dynamic adjustment, and its performance is in line with GB /T 30841-2014 "General Technical Requirements for High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Devices", GB50227-2017 "Design Code for High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Devices" standards.
The device groups capacitors by capacity, selects appropriate automatic switching control devices and special switching switches, and continuously monitors the voltage and current signals of the system, calculates the reactive power demand in real time, and controls reasonably according to the set control strategy The switching of the capacitor bank enables the capacitor to maximize its benefits to meet the requirements of system reactive power and voltage regulation.
2 use
It is mainly used for accurate reactive power compensation in 6kV, 10kV and 35kV power frequency power systems to maximize the power factor of the grid, reduce line losses, and improve voltage quality.
3 features
3.1 The device has simple structure, convenient installation, low investment and low maintenance.
3.2 The device has novel design and various forms. Commonly used forms for users to choose from are cabinet-type structures or steel-frame structures for indoor use, and steel-frame structures for outdoor use.
3.3 The devices can be grouped according to equal volume and unequal volume, multiple groups of automatic switching, precise control; the equal volume capacitor bank can be set to cycle switching to extend the service life of the device.
3.4 The device has a variety of capacitor switching strategies built in, and users can switch capacitors according to time period, voltage, reactive power, power factor and their combination strategies.
3.5 The device can be equipped with the function of adjusting the on-load voltage-regulating switch of the regulating transformer according to the needs, comprehensively considering the voltage fluctuation and reactive power shortage, and reasonably controlling the switching of the capacitor and the regulation of the on-load voltage regulating switch of the transformer.
3.6 The device can display three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, main transformer gear, etc. in real time.
3.7 The device can provide capacitor over-voltage, under-voltage, and open delta voltage protection; it provides protection against the actuation switch (vacuum contactor). The device can monitor the grid voltage harmonic THDv online and provide harmonic protection.
3.8 The device adopts Chinese LCD operation interface, provides RS232/RS485 communication interface, and can communicate with the central control system of the substation.
4 technical data
4.1 Main parameters
4.1.1 Product specifications
The total capacity of the device, it is recommended to select from the following values ​​(kvar):
600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 3000, 3300, 3600, 4200, 4500, 4800, 5100, 5400, 5700, 6000, 6600, 7200, 8400, 9000, 12000
Single group capacity, it is recommended to select from the following values ​​(kvar):
300, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000
The number and capacity of device groups should be determined according to factors such as system voltage fluctuations, load changes, and grid background harmonic content. When the grouping capacitor is operated in various capacity combinations, the resonance capacity should be avoided.
If you have special needs, please contact our company.
4.1.2 Dimensions. The cabinet structure is arranged according to the group cabinet, the unit cabinet is 1200mm wide, 2500 high, and 1500mm deep. Each set of equipment is equipped with an incoming cabinet. When the capacity of a single group is not more than 2000kvar, each group has one cabinet; when it is greater than 2000kvar, each group has two cabinets.
If a frame structure is adopted, it can be arranged according to the actual site, and the owner provides a floor plan of the site.
The common wiring method of the device is shown in Appendix A for reference.
4.1.3 Device rated frequency: 50Hz
4.1.4 Number of device phases: 3 phases
4.2 Main performance
4.2.1 The loss tangent value of the capacitor in the device: full-film dielectric structure, not more than 0.0005.
4.2.2 Capacitance deviation of the device: The deviation between the measured capacitance of the capacitor bank in the device and its rated value shall not exceed 0~+5%. The ratio of the maximum value to the minimum value of any two-phase measured capacitance of the capacitor bank is not more than 1.02; the ratio of the maximum value to the minimum value of the measured capacitance of each series section is not more than 1.02.
4.2.3 The device allows long-term operation at 1.1 times the rated voltage.
4.2.4 The device allows long-term operation under steady-state overcurrent of 1.3 times the rated current caused by overvoltage and higher harmonics.
4.2.5 The back-to-back additional closing inrush current of the device shall not exceed 20 times (peak value) of the rated current of the capacitor bank.
5 structure
5.1 The device installed indoors is a cabinet structure or a steel frame structure, and the device used outdoors is a steel frame structure.
5.2 Cabinet structure generally consists of incoming line cabinet and capacitor cabinet. The capacitor cabinet is equipped with switching switches, current transformers (configured as required), single capacitors, reactors, lightning arresters, discharge coils and other components. The cabinet body is made of high-quality cold-rolled thin steel plate and aluminum-zinc steel plate, which are processed and formed by advanced CNC machine tools. The surface is treated with acid washing and phosphate spraying process, and the cabinet body is beautiful.
5.3 JCZ type vacuum contactor is generally used as the switching switch for indoor devices. Vacuum load switches or circuit breakers are commonly used for outdoor devices to ensure safe and reliable frequent switching of capacitor banks.
5.4 The dielectric structure of the high-voltage shunt capacitor in the device is diarylethane impregnated all-polypropylene film or benzyltoluene impregnated all-polypropylene film type. The rated capacity of a single capacitor is 100kvar, 200kvar, 334kvar, 500kvar, 667kvar, etc.
5.5 When the rated capacity of a single capacitor in the device is less than 200kvar, the external fuse is used as the first level of protection for its internal failure. When the rated capacity of a single capacitor is ≥200kvar, the internal fuse is generally used as the first level of protection for its internal failure.
The external fuse is connected in series with the capacitor. When a part of the series section inside a certain capacitor breaks down, the fuse will act to quickly remove the faulty capacitor, effectively preventing the expansion of the fault.
The internal fuse is connected in series with the internal components of a single capacitor. Once the component fails, the fuse will blow and the faulty component will be cut off, allowing the rest of the single capacitor and the capacitor bank connected to the capacitor to continue to operate.
5.6 The discharge coil is connected in parallel in the capacitor circuit. When the capacitor is withdrawn from the grid, the remaining voltage on the capacitor can be reduced from √2Un to 50V or lower within 5s.
5.7 The zinc oxide arrester is connected in parallel on the line to limit the operating overvoltage caused by switching the capacitor bank.
5.8 Series reactors are connected in series in the capacitor circuit, generally post-installed, to suppress the higher harmonics in the capacitor bank and limit the closing inrush current. When only used to limit inrush current, select the reactance rate from 0.1% to 1%; when used to suppress the 5th and above harmonics, select the reactance rate from 5% to 6%; when used to suppress the 3rd and higher harmonics , The reactance rate is 12%.
6 Meaning of symbols in model

The model consists of 6 items:
1. Device code: "T" in uppercase Chinese pinyin means "complete device";
2. Series code: use the uppercase Chinese pinyin letter "BB" to indicate "parallel capacitor";
3. Structure code: use the uppercase Chinese pinyin letter "Z" to indicate "automatic control";
4. The first characteristic number: used to indicate the rated voltage of the device, in kV. Optional 6 and 10 two kinds;
5. The second feature number: used to indicate the rated capacity of the device, in kvar. The total capacity of the device before the brackets, and the grouping capacity of the devices in the brackets. The grouping capacity is separated by "+" signs. Those with the same capacity are represented by "single group capacity x group number".
6. Endnotes: Use 2 to 3 uppercase Chinese pinyin letters. The first letter indicates the main wiring method of the device, the meaning of the letters is shown in Table 2; the second letter indicates the relay protection mode of the capacitor bank, and the meaning of the letters is shown in Table 3; Mark, but not indoors.
Table 2 The first letter of the endnote

letter meaning


Single star


Double star


Three star

Table 3 The meaning of the second letter of the endnote

letter meaning


Voltage differential protection


Open delta voltage protection


Bridge differential current protection


Neutral unbalanced current protection


Neutral unbalanced current protection

Example: TBBZ10—3000 (1200×2+600) AK, which means: a complete set of automatic switching high-voltage shunt capacitors, with a voltage level of 10kV and a total capacity of 3000kvar, divided into three groups of 1200 kvar, 1200 kvar, and 600 kvar. Star connection, open delta unbalanced voltage protection, suitable for indoor use.
7 Conditions of Use
7.1 Installation and use place: indoor or outdoor.
7.2 The altitude of the installation and operation site shall not exceed 1000m.
7.3 Temperature category: indoor -25/A outdoor -40/A.
7.4 Relative humidity: daily average not more than 95%, monthly average not more than 90%.
7.5 There is no gas or steam that is severely corrosive to metals, no conductive or explosive dust, and no severe mechanical vibration.
7.6 When the capacitor is put into operation, the residual voltage on its terminals should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage.
If there are requirements under other conditions, please contact our company.

Appendix A Common Wiring Modes of Devices

Single star connection, open delta protection

Single star connection, open delta protection + single group overcurrent protection

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