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The company won the bid for the State Grid Corporation of China project

2021-01-11 11:19

  According to the announcement of the State Grid Corporation of China on December 30, 2020, our company is relying on high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service in the second 35-220 kV equipment agreement inventory bidding for the State Grid Corporation’s power transmission and transformation project in 2020 And a reasonable quotation, two packages were won in one fell swoop, and the winning bid amounted to 27.02 million yuan. So far, our company has won the bid for three packages in the second bidding of State Grid Corporation in 2020, and the winning bid amount is 39 million yuan. The bid-winning project units are Hunan Electric Power Company, Henan Electric Power Company, Anhui Electric Power Company, Shanxi Electric Power Company, Shaanxi Electric Power Company, etc.


Shangyu Power Capacitor is a manufacturing company specialized in reactive power compensation and improving the power factor of the power grid.

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