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Power Capacitors-Application of Power Capacitors

2021-03-24 14:12
In the application of power capacitors, there should be appropriate protection measures to ensure the use of power capacitors.
During operation, the current and voltage corresponding to different conditions are different.
If the capacitor voltage rises, and it is frequent and takes a long time, we must pay attention to the current can not rise more than 1.3 times the rated current, so as to avoid accidents for too long.
     In normal times, you should check the operation of the capacitor from time to time. If you find any of the following conditions, you should stop its operation.
Inside the capacitor:
       1. Feeling stuffy, not ventilated, feeling too hot.
       2. Cracks were found in the casing, and the phenomenon of disorder and discharge was found.
       3. Hear abnormal sounds.
       Outside the capacitor:
       1. Discover the appearance distortion, the appearance of swelling and the like.
       2. See the oil leakage on the ground or outside the capacitor.
       3. The appearance of abnormal connection between the shell and the ground.

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